Hydrogen Sweden

Hydrogen Sweden is the new name for the Hyfuture Project. Hydrogen Sweden is a non-profit public / private partnership among business, government and academia to promote the use of H2 inside this Scandinavian country.

Hydrogen Sweden is part of the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership, which includes Norway's Hynor Project. The city of Malmo has the only operating hydrogen fueling station at this moment.
hydrogen sweden

Also, under consideration for future stations are the cities of Laholm, Stenungsund and Goteborg. Hydrogen Sweden project was formed as a public private partnership in 2007 and includes 40 members such as:

  o AGA Gas AB
o Air Liquide
o Aquagas AB
o Arise Windpower
o BMW Sweden
o Catator
o Chalmers EnergyCentre
o Consat Engineering
o Eka Chemicals
o E.ON Sverige
o Epsilon
o ETC Battery and FuelCells
o Göteborgs Gatu AB
o Göteborg Energi
o Honda Sweden
o Innovatum
o JämtlandsCounty Energy
o Malmö City
o Mercedes-Benz Sweden
o Morphic Technologies
o myFC
o Opcon Autorotor
o Permascand AB
o PowerCell
o Preem
o Processkontroll
o Region Halland
o Region Skåne
o Region Västra Götaland
o Rittal scandinavian ab
o Schenker
o SP
o StatoilHydro
o Sweco
o Swedish Gas Association
o Swedish Road
o Swerea IVF
o Vinnova
o Volvo Technology
o Wistrand Law firm
o ÅF

Hydrogen Sweden is also a member of the European Hydrogen Association. The purpose of Hydrogen Sweden is to ultimately commercialize H2 as an energy carrier and will achieve this goal through demonstration projects, building hydrogen fueling stations and coordinating members, technologies and government policies.



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